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Vinyl boxing gloves 8oz for small hands or for use as a bag mitt heavy authentic features suits women small hands or men who want a heavy bag mitt

Boxing Glove Vinyl Velcro closing thumb tie 12 oz

Boxing Glove Vinyl Velcro closing thumb tie 12 oz

Boxing Glove Vinyl Velcro closing thumb tie 12 oz

Boxing Glove Vinyl Velcro closing thumb tie 12 oz

White belt Rashie for children

Rashie White Belt Long Sleeve Adult

Blue BJJ Gi for Brazilian Ju Jitsu

BJJ Gi Blue

leather focus mitt with power dome for extra comfort and ergonomic shaping velcro closure unique feature padded back for face protection

Focus Mitt Deluxe Domed Leather



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Ray Hanas your one stop Martial Arts Superstore!

Ray – Hana’s was established in 1976.

In 1982, Ray Hana started importing and manufacturing Martial Arts goods , in Australia ; selling directly – to supply the best quality products at the best prices the world had to offer. A reliable, one stop shop for the Martial Artist and fighter.

We make, we sell, you save, on quality gear, always.

We are your one stop shop… actually more than that…. – for all Martial Arts, combat, Boxing and fitness goods – either in uniform, protective padding, striking bags, technology , embroidery, hand made swords, quality weapons, screen printing, casting, laminating and so very much more…..

Our service is unique as, we make , to order custom make gear for clients; in brand ,quantity volume, style need or simply cater for body size and shape.

Custom Embroidery Clubs, school badges, polo shirts, gowns, work wear fight gear


pad pen iconDigital Training Partner, the affordable technology in locating excellence in ballistic movement.

Use the digital Training partner accelerometer, so affordable, portable and easy to use in gradings, point sparing, pre-fight training, reflex training, failure comparison in groups, teaching beginner, kata education, physics studies, tennis, golf, medicine, peridonetery, orthopeadica, and more.

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