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Welcome to RayHanas new website!

Ray – Hana’ established in 1976. In 1982, Ray Hana started importing and manufacturing Martial Arts goods , in Australia ; selling directly – to supply the best quality products at the best prices the world had to offer. A reliable, one stop shop for the Martial Artist and fighter.

We make, we sell, you save.

We are your one stop shop… actually more than that…. – for all Martial Arts, combat, Boxing and fitness goods – either in uniform, protective padding, striking bags, technology , embroidery, hand made swords, quality weapons, screen printing, casting, laminating and so very much more…..

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Boxing Ring MMA Cages & Accessories
Boxing Sparring MMA Gloves
Coloured Belts
Custom Made Martial Arts Goods
Elastic Cotton Body Protection
Embroidered Badges
Instructional DVD’s
Jigsaw Tatami – Throwing Flooring Soutions
Marial Arts Shoes
Martial Arts Hardware
Martial Arts Training Equipment

Martial Arts Gifts & Accessories
Martial Arts Trousers & Shorts
Martial Arts Uniforms
MMA Boxing & Combat Shorts
Punching Bags
Security & Scenario Training
Strength Fitness & Conditioning
Suspended Wall & Free Standing Equipment
Vinyl Leather & Plastic Body Guards


Coloured Belts

In 1982, Ray Hana observed, that martial arts trainers and students could not easily purchase the types and range of Martial Arts uniforms, gear, coloured belts and accessories they needed in order to faithfully train in their Martial art of choice.

The quality, range, sizes and stocks, at the time were sparse and disrupted. At that time, the early 80s, people had to compromise and buy only what was available. Each Martial Arts, had different needs, plain, stripes, combination or even embroidery…….

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