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Jigsaw Tatami - Throwing Flooring Soutions

Jigsaw Mat, Tatami Mat, Roll out Mat, Wrestling Mat , Landing Mat, Throwing Mat any term you wish to describe a Martial Art Mat is one of those important decisions rarely made with any logic. Ray Hanas have been making and important Marital Arts Training mats since the very early days at the end of the `1980s when they first became available. Always first with the best Martial Arts products, Ray Hana’s started importing when most Martial Schools just used bare wooden floors for training areas and people learned the hard way. Ray Hana felt that the safety of training was important. That people could throw and land safetly and minimise the trauma from bad falls.

Not all Jigsaw or BJJ mats are the same. The EVA foams, bonded foams , vinyls used in manufacture vary greatly . Density , firmness , springiness, thickness all give bearing to the safety and comfort of use for the Jigsaw or BJJ MMa Tatami in use.

Ray Hana Martial Art Jigsaw or Tatami mats are made to last. Drawing from decades of observation Ray Hana selects the best available material and offers them to you. There are many tricks to play to create the illusion. But Hana mats are made for best long life use.

Ray Hanas supply Jigsaw mats in a minimum of 25 mm Club mat which is made from a medium density EVA foam. Denser than most on market and thicker than most as a beginning standard. We more then to the 40 mm BJJ mat . Thick and meaty for the heavier throwas and falls. Further Down we move to heavier density Foams in the Elite series. The joins are smoother and skins better. These are available in 25 mm and 40 mm. Finally we move into the BJJ MMA Tatami mats , available in 2m x 1m x 40 mm or 1m x 1m x 40 mm or any variance you might require. Made from Japanes vinyls fused to heavy density bonded foams. Welded and laminated together with an anti skid base. For your maximum safety.
There are no guarantees in life. But making the risks safer in the Martial Arts Arena becomes important. Care and dillingence respect on the mat is important.
Ray Hana Jigsaw mats, BJJ Tatami or Roll out mats last a very long time. Indeed customers still using out products for over 20 years . Customers always seem to remark on the long life of Hana mats.

Whatever your reuirments for landing surfaces, in Karat, Tae Kwondo, Ju Jitsu, Kick boxing, MMA , BJJ , Brzilian Ju Jitsu, Ocupational therapy, Gym, Fitness, Cage fIghting, , Hospital , Security , Self Defence, Educational , whatever the need – Ray Hana’s have the perfect product and Expertise built over time to provide you the best options for your budget.

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