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468 – 470, Newcastle Street,
West Perth, W.A 6005

Ray Hana’s is a Martial Arts store , we sell weapons for Martial Arts training – to improve yourself. Our weaponry is functional , good quality and diverse. We avoid bad karma weapons – so any weapon that can be used for stabbing and hurting another human being , or promotes obsessive behaviours , we avoid selling. Ray Hanas stock an incredibly diverse range of weapons in store – imported from all parts of the globe – Taiwan, China, US, Japan – wherever the product is best. Ray Hana’s sell legal and karmically good weapons only. Many our customers and clients, are Police officers, Firemen, Door Security, Walkabout security , Ambulance officers, Army, …..we like our clients and do not wish to place them in harms way with the sale of dangerous and concealable weaponry. If we do not have what you require – and it’s legal , just ask us and we will get it for you.