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What do I do for my Hands ?

What do I do for my Hands ?

When purchasing Marital Arts Gloves and hand protection for Combat sports, it is important to look at what you need. Look past the bluff and bluster , past the sales pitch and cut through the essence of what you need for your training. Here we talk about Ray Hana’s Martial Arts Superstores products that protect you and your sparring partner affordably and very well.

About Clothing sizes in The Martial Arts Industry

People often ask about the sizing of garments and what do they mean. PREAMBLE Ray Hana's has been making and supplying Martial Arts uniforms since 1982 and are witness and participants to many of the changes we have seen over these years. At the very beginning, suits...

Coloured Belts

In 1982, Ray Hana observed,  that martial arts trainers and students  could not easily purchase the types and range of Martial Arts uniforms, gear, coloured belts and accessories they needed in order to faithfully train in their Martial art of choice. The quality,...

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