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The Best Kick Shields in The World.

Kick shields , kick pads, shields, kick thingies, bump pads, strike shields – known by many names….invented by Bruce Lee in the 1960s – used primarily for front kicks, round house kicks, thigh kicks, shin kicks ,upper cuts, combinations and even football/rugby tackles.

The strike shield , is an indispensable piece of Martial Training equipment. Irrespective if you do traditional Japanese striking Arts – Chinese Arts – Fitness – Krav Maga or even MMA. With so many uses and functionalities – a pad that allows you to express with intent, many of the basic power strikes of the Martial experience.

A strike shield, by use and nature; is also a critical device,….if you are going to kick someone hard, really hard, you need that device to protect the ‘ kickee’ , the pad holder, and also protect the kicker. This affords the partners, in training, to progressively increase the intensities of their strikes or punches.

Ray Hana’s kick shields are built with longevity and functionality in mind.

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Mats aint just a price per square meter

The first question anyone ever asks when buying the mat is how much ?

Mats , tatamis , crash mats, are sold in many different thicknesses , densities, sizes and ‘qualities’

When thinking about buying mats, it is important to consider what you are buying and why.

Price is not the only indicator. Mat prices can vary considerably between suppliers.

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You got stinky gloves and kit ?

Your boxing glove, shin /instep guard, uniform or gi  stinks because your uncleaned training sweat is feeding new life, in the form of bacteria and fungus. That smell….that’s the new life’s gases emitting from feeding off the nutrients contained in your sweat.  Often, after training, you stash your gear into your sealed bag and it remains there till next session. In the cosy , undisturbed darkness, the spores and bacteria feast on your evening’s training toil.  That smell , or stink is the evidence of their growth.

The consequence of not dealing with this issue is that cuts, and exposed weaknesses in your body , eye mouth, cut fingers and knuckles serve as entry points for these fungi and bacteria to enter. If the bacteria belongs to someone else, then you run the risk of getting staphylococcus, skin irritations, swellings and whatever other dis eases leading to potentially serious infections and possibly death by way of sepsis ( extreme, I know).


No amount of perfume, talk or other devices that remove the smell will address this issue. You have to get rid of the bugs and start anaging your kit in an organised methodical manner.

The quickest way to get rid of smell in boxing gloves is to place your kit into a zip lock bag and FREEZE  it for a couple of days This will get rid of the stink immediately…for free.

Thereafter , thawing your kit, wash thoroughly and disinfect with appropriate disinfectant. Leave to dry in a light, ventilated location till dry.

Apply leather conditioner to leathers to moisturise and guard from the leather drying out.

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Coloured Belts

In 1982, Ray Hana observed,  that martial arts trainers and students  could not easily purchase the types and range of Martial Arts uniforms, gear, coloured belts and accessories they needed in order to faithfully train in their Martial art of choice.

The quality, range,  sizes and stocks, at the time were sparse and disrupted.At that time , the early 80s , people had to compromise and buy only what was available.  Each Martial Arts, had different  needs,plain, stripes, combination or even embroidery.

Ray hana was amazed at the lack of quality in the products in the market at the time and set out to develop a range of selected goods that  did the job well.   Ray’s belief was simple, irrespective of level of training,  each belt level was an achievement worthy to be proud of.


It doesn’t matter, if you are ‘just’ a yellow belt or black belt. The journey is the same.  Ray felt that “ today’s yellow belt , was going to be tomorrow’s black belt “ and the journey or the individual was equally special .

Consequently Ray was able to develop a great quality of coloured belt – where the colours are vibrant, the filling is clean,  the colours do not run , the fabric does not shrink, the stitch lines are neat and straight , it is wide enough , firm enough, solid …not floppy , a consistent good length. So many attributes go into making a belt.

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Martial Arts Tae Kwon do Uniforms

In 1982, Ray Hana saw that people could not get the types and range of Martial Arts Tae Kwon do uniforms.  The quality, range and sizes, at the time were sparse and disrupted.   At the time people had to compromise and buy only what was available.  Each Martial Arts, or variant in Tae Kwondo;  WTF, ITF, Moo Duk Kwan, Hwa Rang do , Kum do , etc… had their own requirements.

Ray was amazed at the lack of quality and product in the market at the time and set out to develop a range of selected goods that fit well and did the job well. The products were are well priced and sourced from ethical suppliers .  Ray Hana’s has a great emphasis to ensure that the products you buy, do the job, and do it well ! – at the best possible prices.


Choosing the correct Tae Kwon do uniform, or do box is about many things, fit, fabric, shape, range of sizes, variants for each art and variants within each style. Black belts , have a type of uniform that is different to junior belts. The different Korean Arts have different types of uniforms, V-neck, zippered fronts, Velcro fronts, Diamond  patterns, Spun hemp, Keikogi and more.

Ray Hanas  stock and manufacture WTF Tae kwondo uniforms.  Nowadays, we make them with the full gusset, elastic waist and cord tie included. The fabrics of course, is the light weight ribbed fabric we introduced back during the Olympics in Seoul.

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Martial Arts Mats

Ray Hanas, make buying your Martial Arts mats easy. Generally we stock  a wide range of colors , thicknesses, shapes , designs and types of mats.  If you have a massive order, or specific color or specific product we will procure it for you, the best version for you.

Ray Hana’s has been making, ( that’s right, we make mats as well , in our store in Perth ! ) since 1982. We are a source supplier for all your needs in floor coverings – we make it, import it and sell it  DIRECT, to You.  The advantages means that you are able to draw from our 35 years + experience in Martial Arts Supplies to obtain the best product for your needs.


Purchasing your Martial Mat for Dojo, home or gym is a decision fraught with many variables. Not least is the cost.  Many people focus solely on the cost of purchase this is the wrong way to approach the decision.

You see, each person, Martial Art has a need to train safely on a floor. To land, fall , throw , bounce kick , punch, grapple and stretch. Each art has a specific need. If you do Judo , BJJ, Tae Kwondo, Karate, your needs will be different. Whether you are home user , dojo or Super max Dojo your needs are different for each Martial Art mat.

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Martial Arts Bags

Ray Hana’s has been making, and importing Martial Arts Gear bags,  since 1982.   We are a source supplier for all your needs . We make it, import it and sell it  DIRECT, to You.  The advantages means that you are able to draw from our 35 years + experience in Martial Arts Supplies to obtain the best product for your needs.

Ray Hanas, manufacture and import Martial Art and Gear bags.  We stock our own growing range of Reflex branded gear bags and make to order ; either in the piece or in bulk,  for you.


Ray Hanas,  manufacture and stock a wide range of bags in assorted fabrics.  Our speciality is to make to order gear bags to suit your budget, needs and requirements.

The range of fabrics available to you is diverse from Oxford Nylons, Ripstop Tarpaulin, Canvas,  Linens,  untreated and treated cottons.  Any colours , prints or combinations. We will make to your needs.

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Kid’s boxing glove protects children’s hands

Cushioning impact from punching and minimising harm to the other child.

Empower your child, through fitness and martial arts training.

Kid’s Boxing gloves fit children’s hands from 5 years and up.  Made from high quality shock absorbing foams gels and shaped padding. Using the latest Carbon fibre technologies. Kid’s Boxing gloves are sized just right for your child. Ensuring a true, comfortable fit for your child.

We recommend supervised training at home with Dad, Mum or at the Dojo.  Perhaps pairing your purchase with one of Ray Hana’s Anger management bags or Kid specific punching bags is a great way to maximize your child’s safety.


Children with excess energy, animus or anger will benefit greatly from sparring with one of our Kid’s punching Bags, Anger Management Bags, Focus Mitt, or Kick shields.  Training in the Dojo, with Sensei/ Coaches supervision ensures proper technique and safe training atmosphere together with other Kids and children.

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Karate sparring gear protects!

Train and Spar Safetly with Internationally sanctioned sparring Gear. Minimise injury train for longer – better.

If you are planning to purchase some karate sparring gear then you must  ensure you are buying the right Karate sparring gear for the correct Style , Association and level of impact.

Karate sparring gear, is used protect the individual and in the rare instance of contact, the other person safe from harm . This way you are able to train in a safe , purposeful and competent manner.

Ray Hana’s always encourage training for the long term. Make Martial Arts a part of your life. You will reap immense benefits from gaining fitness, confidence , new skills, new friends, peers and experiences. Selecting the correct Karate training gear and equipment is then, essential to keep you safe and out of injury’s way.


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The Best MMA gloves are made with current design, technologies and fit in mind.

Ray Hana’s have been making and designing dedicated MMA gloves since 1999, since UFC 1 . Until that moment people wishing to fight ‘freestlye used cumbersome boxing gloves, or light padded karate gloves.

The MMA gloves we design are made using high tensile fabrics, high impact foams from contemporary foam armouries. Thus ensuring maximum protection for your knuckle , opponents face and fully functional finger dexterities.

Ray Hana’s make the best MMA gloves because we spend time designing, testing and crafting each evolution in the process of glove making to meet current fighting needs and styles. This together with our 35 years of experience in the Martial Arts industry allows you , our valued customer the safety in knowing that you are training with the best at the best possible value and price.


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