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Ray Hana’s Martial Arts make great Punching Bags

One thing about Ray-Hana’s, we never got into the importing punching bag thing to be cheap.

We just want to make and supply really good punching bags.

The type, you can train with , safely – you can depend on reliably to last and do what you need the bag to do…

The kind , if you use, won’t stuff your hands , hips or legs up.

Bags, that last…. we mean father to Son, mother to daughter kind of generational lasting.

Ray Hana’s proudly manufacture punching bags in Perth, in our store , either to order or we sell from stock.

We buy the best ingredients, so you can train safetly.

You see, this story goes back over 30 years, when we first started. Back in the day, the bags in the market, were made of canvas, and lightly stitched. They were filled with sand and sometimes rocks for hardness and conditioning .

The canvas was abrasive and didn’t last as long. The filler was hard. Using the bag was painful but conditioning !

Ray got thinking that, that was a dumb idea and developed a filler designed to be soft, forgiving and yet inviting to be hit hard, often and regularly.

Punching bags are meant to be hit . Hit hard.

Punching bags, are meant to be used regularly : with impunity – NOT to be feared – or approached with trepidation .

Bags evolved into the 80s using rubber, it was cheaper and looked good but, in time, the rubber hardened and all the tough guys that bought those bags, now have hip operations, stuffed knees, fused bones and premature arthritis from all the unforgiving punching.

Ray realised that, and created a filler that would keep your hands and body safe from the ravages of momentum and impact reverberation.

Ray Hana’s makes good bags.

We use good filler, and all bags come with unlimited top up free filler to avoid those saggy heads.

We make bags to order, in colour, printed form quantitities and various shapes.

We make massive bags, fat bags, odd shaped bags, bags from photos, all types.

Our bags last.

A good bag doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs to do the job, honestly.

Ray Hana’s, we make, we sell , you save everytime, on great gear.

Talk to us for your needs, we are happy to discuss and find the right product for you – if you’re 8 years old, adult, a woman, a Club, a gym or an Army unit, we make and ship around Perth, Australia and the world.

Proudly made punching bags for all Martial Arts, combat, Boxing , MMA, we make here, in Perth, for you.

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Bags in all shapes

Embroidered Black Belts

Ray Hana’s make embroidered black belts. We embroider black belts for all Martial Arts, Occasions and needs.

Whatever your needs in embroidered black belts are, Ray Hana’s do it – be it 1 belt, or hundreds. In any language, colour, configuration and style.

A belt, like your grading , is about quality, content, genuineness , style, meaning and price.

When making a black belt at Ray Hana’s all matters are considered, and the appropriate outcome and product is decided in consultation with the client. We are the makers and we make whatever you can imagine.

It starts of course !, with the wording – the content and frame of words is important, to you , to the organisation you belong to and in the great Martial Arts Community. Ray Hana’s have a history of making 1000s of belts and we make sure that tha belt we produce conforms to these needs.

Translation and artwork, if required , is done professionally. So there are no smirks, or giggles in the line up for incorrect word useage , syntax or cultural errors.

The set up and aesthetic balance of the belt is important.

Locations of embroidery – how many faces ? where, exactly, on the belt ? We do this .

Do you want a cheap out come ? or do you want a traditional outcome ? did you want blind sided embroidery ? or do you prefer mirror image style embroidery or perhaps just keep it simple ?

Getting the belt right, first time is really important – those spelling mistakes, on the day bite – we take the time to ensure that all details are correct for the big day.

So when , you stand in line, you stand irreproachable, true , confident and take you place amongst your peers at the black belt line up.

Ray Hana’s, we make, we sell, You save, always on great gear, always , every time.

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The Best Kick Shields in The World.

Kick shields, kick pads, shields, kick thingies, bump pads, strike shields – known by many names….invented by Bruce Lee in the 1960s – used primarily for front kicks, round house kicks, thigh kicks, shin kicks, upper cuts, combinations and even football/rugby tackles.

The strike shield , is an indispensable piece of Martial Training equipment. Irrespective if you do traditional Japanese striking Arts – Chinese Arts – Fitness – Krav Maga or even MMA. With so many uses and functionalities – a pad that allows you to express with intent, many of the basic power strikes of the Martial experience.

A strike shield, by use and nature; is also a critical device,….if you are going to kick someone hard, really hard, you need that device to protect the ‘ kickee’ , the pad holder, and also protect the kicker. This affords the partners, in training, to progressively increase the intensities of their strikes or punches.

Ray Hana’s kick shields are built with longevity and functionality in mind.

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Mats aint just a price per square meter

The first question anyone ever asks when buying the mat is how much ?

Mats , tatamis , crash mats, are sold in many different thicknesses , densities, sizes and ‘qualities’

When thinking about buying mats, it is important to consider what you are buying and why.

Price is not the only indicator. Mat prices can vary considerably between suppliers.

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You got stinky gloves and kit ?

Your boxing glove, shin /instep guard, uniform or gi  stinks because your uncleaned training sweat is feeding new life, in the form of bacteria and fungus. That smell….that’s the new life’s gases emitting from feeding off the nutrients contained in your sweat.  Often, after training, you stash your gear into your sealed bag and it remains there till next session. In the cosy , undisturbed darkness, the spores and bacteria feast on your evening’s training toil.  That smell , or stink is the evidence of their growth.

The consequence of not dealing with this issue is that cuts, and exposed weaknesses in your body , eye mouth, cut fingers and knuckles serve as entry points for these fungi and bacteria to enter. If the bacteria belongs to someone else, then you run the risk of getting staphylococcus, skin irritations, swellings and whatever other dis eases leading to potentially serious infections and possibly death by way of sepsis ( extreme, I know).


No amount of perfume, talk or other devices that remove the smell will address this issue. You have to get rid of the bugs and start anaging your kit in an organised methodical manner.

The quickest way to get rid of smell in boxing gloves is to place your kit into a zip lock bag and FREEZE  it for a couple of days This will get rid of the stink immediately…for free.

Thereafter , thawing your kit, wash thoroughly and disinfect with appropriate disinfectant. Leave to dry in a light, ventilated location till dry.

Apply leather conditioner to leathers to moisturise and guard from the leather drying out.

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