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PUNCHING BAG 4 FOOT 123 cm long 38 cm diameter MEDIUM STRIPEY Range Red white and blue


FOUR FOOT STRIPEY punching bag, with special red straps. Contact store for freight quotation. Top notch fully guaranteed . Exclusive and original


PUNCHING BAG 4 FOOT 123 cm long by 38 cm diameter STRIPEY Range Red white and blue

100% Made in Bodybuilding Mecca: 12 Gyms to Check Off Your Bucket List buy the best course of steroids, how to choose the right one? australia the 10 best home gyms in 2022 for bodybuilding at home Australia – 3 year direct makers warranty.

A Thick, meaty bag, appx 40kg.

Soft filled so you will not break your hands or dislocate your hip on this one.

Colours vary. This particular version is made in Red white and blue stripes . Do note we added a special details with the custom Red straps – very unusual and highly desirably unique.

THE Stripey Range, we are proud to offer you, is an original first offer in Australia. Available in a wide range of stock colours, made in Australia our unique stripey bags are meticulously sewn together using the best components to produce a visually stimulating and exciting punching bag to adorn your gym.

Available in a range of colours ( please check – if you have a preference ) can also be manufactured to order ( extra charges may apply )

Heavy Body bag. 4 foot long ( 123 cm long ) and is extra wide ( 15 “) 38 cm diameter.

Made from Australian Rip stop fabric. Using heavy duty re-enforced seam joins with unique waterproofing sew technology means that your bag will be resistant to sweat , spills and intermittent light misty rain.

Ray -Hana’s use heavy duty fabric: laminated ply nylon weave, with high density anti tear cross hatching throughout the fabric. Plus double layer fabric and re-enforced seams. The hanging straps are 100% load bearing , rated and Australian made. Double layered where it counts.

Ray Hana’s are happy to take custom orders for 1 or many , for fit outs, home gyms and officianados. We are happy to make a punching bag for you that will give you many years of joy – from the blend of the filler you like – through to all the special details you want on a punching bag.

We make bags to last, nothing is scrimped.

Our prices are low because we make and sell to you direct. You won’t see a lot of printing , branding and blah – to keep prices down – 100% authentic. Small eco footprint, Australian made in Perth . Fully guaranteed.

There is no better punching bag available.

Totally customiseable, talk to the experienced staff to direct you best.

Rated hanging straps. Metal D rings (welded ) . Heavy Duty anti tear fabric. 100% made and filled in Australia.

We use the best ingerdients to make the best products.

There are no shortcuts here, it’s all long roads – and built to last.

Moreover, its ergonomically designed to give you maximum benefit to your body yet extract the best out of you.

A thick, meaty bag you can kick and punch as hard as you want. 3 foot 60 kg.

Eco friendlier.

You can train with the Tatsuko bag, hard, often and safest , to your body.

This four foot Boxing bag. Includes rated hanging straps , welded rings , ready to hang. Approx 118 cm girth

Check when ordering for available colour range

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 123 × 35 × 35 cm

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