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Nunchakku Rattan swivel bearings


Rattan Swivel Nunchakku. Fast light and high tensile strength timber.


Rattan Nunchakku with swivel bearings. Light , fast and hard.

Rattan is a light wood with solid core. Rattan has a very high tensile strength which allow for flexibility and strength. Rattan Nunchakku are very light, and there fore extremely fast. We heat trat the rattan for extra strength in the ounter layer.

Our nunchakku swivels are premium fast grade, with ball bearings. 2 pc construction with chain link.

The head are attached via drilled pins that run through the entire pole for extra strength.

12 inches long approximately 30 cm about the length of a forearm wrist to joint.

Rattan nunchakku are fun and safe to use with a nasty bite when in flight. Perfectfor tricking, doubles and just general hand to eye co-ordintaion.

Rattan Nunchakku are an excellent addition to any Martial Art Weapons collection

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 12 cm

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