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special order karate Uniforms are made for you direct in Australia. We design, ground up for our clients. Ray Hana’s cut and sew , in store for you.

In the featured photos, the colour was specially dyed to match the club’s requirements. The jacket, specially sewn, detailed and finished to meet the specific Martial Training needs of the Style. Pants strong, robust, colour fast. An excellent outcome. Ask us to help you, for something special for your club too.

Ray Hana’s manufactures special order karate Uniforms for

Extra Large sizing
For extra large people , or oddly shaped people ( extra wide chest, torso, or hips ) Ray Hanas can cut a pattern and produce a garment tailored for your specific needs.

Single event features
Cos play, Special TV productions, Staging plays, work functions. Ray Hana’s cater for all branding and corporate requirements.

Club branding needs
For running a professional school with colour and branding reuirments, Ray Hana’s address this issue directly.

1 or many, Ray Hana’s do it

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