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Ray Hana’s has been making, and importing Martial Arts Gear bags,  since 1982.   We are a source supplier for all your needs . We make it, import it and sell it  DIRECT, to You.  The advantages means that you are able to draw from our 35 years + experience in Martial Arts Supplies to obtain the best product for your needs.

Ray Hanas, manufacture and import Martial Art and Gear bags.  We stock our own growing range of Reflex branded gear bags and make to order ; either in the piece or in bulk,  for you.

Ray Hanas,  manufacture and stock a wide range of bags in assorted fabrics.  Our speciality is to make to order gear bags to suit your budget, needs and requirements.

The range of fabrics available to you is diverse from Oxford Nylons, Ripstop Tarpaulin, Canvas,  Linens,  untreated and treated cottons.  Any colours , prints or combinations. We will make to your needs.

Ray Hanas  custom Martial Arts Gear bags , can be made to order.  You just provide us with you gear requirements , corporate colour needs and printing requirements .  We ,  will design to  make a perfect bag for you suitable as sturdy utilitarian bag or throw away bag for introductory offers.

A custom made dojo gear bag, exudes gravitas,  organisation and camaraderie.  All people love to belong to a group. To bear the the name of their dojo proudly together with their treasured Martial Arts possessions. A Martial Arts gear bag also lets you promote your business and create a professional presence at a tournament or public demonstration.

Specialty Gear bags are made for Mining, Rail, Army , Police , and other specialty codes.  Perhaps you need to have your gear waterproof and jungle tough.  Perhaps a need to be padded to safeguard sensitive  calibration instruments.  Perhaps store assorted weaponry ,  ballistics and accessories with specific shaped and size pockets.  Lockable   zips and  pockets. Heavy  duty  carrying straps.  We make and indeed have made it.  Screen printing and even embroidery are all available for you.

In the Martial Arts, Specialty bags, we make ; to carry long poles, multiple poles.  Odd shaped weapons.   Full dojo gear in neatly stackable and easy to carry cases and soft bags.  Zippered pockets to stow note pads.  Lockable zips to store fees.   Printing and embroidery are all possibilities available to you.

Some Martial Arts Bags are fully sealed for privacy. With wet areas, and pocketed areas in the main trunk devised for convenient storage. Other MMA bags are made of netting to ensure a good ventilation is available for your gear to prevent that foul mould smell.

As these are products that we make , the quality is as best as it can be. Our products are always made with longevity and efficacy in mind.

Martial Art Bags, are made with an assortment of straps, that can be lengthened or shortened to size. Clipped and unclipped if required.

Other Martial Art bags we offer are made from simple fabrics,  printed with Club logo and worn , slung over the shoulder.  Simple cheap and effective.  Providing dojos with a cheap and impressive bag for students to carry their clothing to and from the Dojo.

Our range of Reflex carry bags for 2016, will feature heavily with the use of zippered mesh.  Our 2016 collection will be be large and volumous bags that will  carry a full rentinue of gear for one person including Tae kwondo Chest guard together, with all taekwondo accessories. Alternatively a full gear requirement for Muay Thai, Boxing or Karate will fit in neatly and easily.

Ray Hana Martial Artsbags , are offered with quality and safety in mind, truly.  Safety and good use is a preeminent consideration when offering any Ray Hana’s product.   Any product we offer, has to pass our stringent 10 point quality test.  Thereby ensuring that what you purchase from us will do

Ray Hana’s bulk buying power and experience in Martial Arts Supplies will ensure you buy the best at the most reasonable price.  We offer a range of payment options, laybay, credit card, trade ins or even Finance is offered for larger oders.

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Ray Hanas make it, we import it, we custom it , We sell it DIRECT, to YOU – so you Save big on Your martial Arts Supplies.