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In 1982, Ray Hana observed,  that martial arts trainers and students  could not easily purchase the types and range of Martial Arts uniforms, gear, coloured belts and accessories they needed in order to faithfully train in their Martial art of choice.

The quality, range,  sizes and stocks, at the time were sparse and disrupted.At that time , the early 80s , people had to compromise and buy only what was available.  Each Martial Arts, had different  needs,plain, stripes, combination or even embroidery.

Ray hana was amazed at the lack of quality in the products in the market at the time and set out to develop a range of selected goods that  did the job well.   Ray’s belief was simple, irrespective of level of training,  each belt level was an achievement worthy to be proud of.

It doesn’t matter, if you are ‘just’ a yellow belt or black belt. The journey is the same.  Ray felt that “ today’s yellow belt , was going to be tomorrow’s black belt “ and the journey or the individual was equally special .

Consequently Ray was able to develop a great quality of coloured belt – where the colours are vibrant, the filling is clean,  the colours do not run , the fabric does not shrink, the stitch lines are neat and straight , it is wide enough , firm enough, solid …not floppy , a consistent good length. So many attributes go into making a belt.

It is easy for many to say a belt is just  a belt however, a belt is a worthy benchmark for anyone, a goal to acknowledge a point and status in a journey. Therefore , at Ray hana’s , we venerate that journey and aim to supply you with a top quality belt that you are proud to wear and adorn your karate suit when next at the dojo , or competitions.

One approach is to overload a coloured belt with branding , packaging and hyperbole which in our opinon is tacky. Ray Hana’s  has a simple approach, make the belt well and be proud to sell it and the student be proud to wear it.

In this day and age, the focus is increasingly on the through put, a churn and burn approach to the Martial Process.  The process to race as many people to a black belt a possible in the shortest time. This is not the venue for that philosophical discussion, perhaps in the comments below. Moreover, the point here is the consequence of the decision of the Mac dojo is to drive the cost of the belt down , creating  a lowering of quality in the actual intrinsic properties of the belt. At Ray Hana’s we do not support that approach

We believe that every step of the way be done as well as possible. In karate this is called Kihon.  In the end the proof of the pudding  is the ability to use your martial art when threatened , physically and, or mentally. If what you have learnt does none of these things then it has been a waste of time and money.  At Ray Hana’s we believe it doing things right.  Not about the appearance of right. But right.  This means that you can trust, that we will always work towards doing the right thing and assuring you of the best product at at any given time at that price point.

When buying your belt, in whatever Martial Art you choose. You will find a wide range of choices , colours, and sizes. Where your needs are out of the box, being the maker of belts, we can make it for you – irrespective of qty from 1 to 10,000s. Export and bulk orders are welcomed.

Ray Hanas stock and make ,many different types of martial arts belts.  A comprehensive range for seniors – Yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, black, red .  Ray Hanas stock a similar range with a white central stripe.Further Ray Hanas stock BJJ belts, Junior bjj belts pink belts and other specialty martial arts coloured belts.

Ray Hanas take special orders for clients for unique requirements …some people require  tabs at one end, some at both ends. Some require black tags at the end of the belt. Other clients require velcrose. Other clients want special dye batches.

Ray Hana’s stock a wide range of quality black belts. Available in cotton , silk or satin. Whatever your preference, we have the black belt for you.  Additionally, if you want embroidery, Ray Hanas  do that for you too ! – We also have ability to make for you a black belt with embroidery – in any language – Japanese, Korean, Burmese, etc….

At Ray hanas you can buy any belt – even for Renshi, we make those too ! with complicated requirements we make all belts.

The products we offer , are well priced and sourced from ethical suppliers .  Ray Hana’s has a great emphasis to ensure that the products you buy, do the job, and do it well ! – at the best possible prices.

For  you, our valuable client, it is also important to know,  Ray Hana’s select the best suppliers who pay attention to the ethical nature of operations.   Ray Hanas try as much as possible to recycle and keep unnecessary packaging to an absolute minima.

Ray Hana’s delivers you , our valued client as much content packed into your product.

Buy in comfort and safety . Your next Martial Art Belt from Ray Hana’s will not run, shrink, look droopy , fray , fade, or any other degenerate adjective to describe quality failure. Ray Hana’s have tested over 35 years, to ensure you have the best. Buy safety, buy best, buy Ray Hana’s Martial Arts belts.

Ray Hana’s has a simple ethos, make it well . Make it fairly.  Use a minimum of  Earth’s resources, Recycle and be reasonable with pricing.

Ray Hana’s bulk buying power and experience in Martial Arts Supplies will ensure you buy the best at the most reasonable price. We offer a range of payment options, laybay, credit card, trade-ins or even Finance is offered for refurbishments and large orders.  We trade internationally and ship anywhere accepting most local and major currencies.

If we do not have the product, we will be happy to order it in for you.


Any questions should be directed to the writer at or visit us on  We make it, we import it, we custom it – so you Save big on Your martial Arts Supplies.