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Skipping. A great cardio vascular activity, more potent than jogging, in terms of calorific burn. A staple activity for any martial artist, boxer, mma, crossfitter or fitness officianado.

Yet, such a staple tool remains undeveloped , unrefined or even properly manufactured . Relegated to simple wires, ill fitted hoses, half baked plastic handles, overlydry leather and any other variant of cheap useless craft.

Not any more !

Ray Hanas, are proud sellers of World’s best Skipping ropes. Manufactured and engineered in Germany . All the unique teutonic heritage embedded into a superlative manufactured skipping rope available for sale online Online or in store

You may also have a look at our youtube pages Youtube for uploads on the topic.

World’s best skipping ropes are ade with 4 primary goals in mind :

1) Ergonomic comfort
2) Durability
3) Manoeuvrability
4) Muscular focus and efficiency

Engineered , manufactured and designed in Germany. The Mercedes Benz of skipping ropes.

It starts with handles turned to comfortable shape, a good size, not too small or large so that it’s a comfortable grip size , sitting naturally in your hands. The length of rope is adjustable for a 150 cm height person to 200 cm height so, all sizes of people can comfortably be accommodated after non changeable adjustment.

The handles are set at 90 degrees perpendicular to the rope for a natural skipping experience. The action of swinging works the biceps, triceps and shoulders ; in addition to calves, legs and V02 endurance.

The tubing is strong, reinforced piping, hardened plastic at the apex of the swing. The hardened plastic at the apex of swing ensures a long life rope, from the millions of hits to the ground during skipping. The reinforced tubing adds weight and in some designs allow for special supplied metal weights to be inserted for extra weight.

The ability to vary weight , either , in the handle or in the tube , allows one to vary and constantly maximise interest into the skipping routine. ####

World’s Best skipping ropes efficiently translates your action to the flow of the rope. When you are tricking the ropes have the pliability to move deftly through the tricks, yes maintain their shape and not fold.
The weights in the handle work the arms , and the added weights in the tubing, if reuired give an extra bite when pulling the rope back.

Rubberised joins in some of the ropes allow for extension, longer thinner hands allow for double handed gripping, flings to the air . Essentially you are limited by your own imagination.

When you have the quality and design, you are able to push yourself harder, more efficiently and have more fun doing what you love.

Ray Hana’s always original, with the great Martial and Combat Supplies since 1982.