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What’s in a Boxing Glove ? – How to choose the best glove

So you want to box, or hit someone or something ?

Right now you are faced with a mind boggling array of choices and brands. Your natural choice is to turn to utube or blog sites and seek the advise of ‘experts’ but become disillusioned by the tragic reality that the content is paid sponsorship to spruik the relevant brand.

You turn to your fighting idol , who spruiks the label that pays him the most.

Perhaps you turn to a product with the loudest advertising camapaign – it’s everywhere ! Guess what ( that’s built into the cost )

Some brands rely on their past glories, packaging , design, yet never last as promised. It can be disappointing.

So why Ray Hana’s Reflex, REX or Boxing Tiara ?

Firstly, we’ve been making and designing boxing gloves since 1982. Ray Hana’s ethos is to add 1 more stitch and make a better product.
Our products are made to last.

We’re a specialised maker and designer of Martial Combat gear since 1982. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every product we offer you, our valued customer.

When considering a glove here are some key points to consider

1. fabric used.

How relevant is the fabric being used – pu, pvc, leatherene boxing laminate boxing glove, split leather, top leather, c