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What do I do with that Boxing glove ?

Welcome to the World of Martial Arts !

Ray Hana’s , makers , designers , retail, wholesale, etail and export a wide range of kit for all arts. Equally and severally for over 35 years.

The interesting truth is, that over that time , we have built up a massive research knowledge base of practise, observation and practical application.

As this industry grows, so to does the number of monkey operators entering the industry. Hell bent on hitting sales quotas, incentive targets and treating the customer like a human wallet.

Ray Hana’s is a company built on supplying the best Martial Combat needs for You, the customer, in terms of quality , product fit and design – for affordably less. This means, we work ethically as a business to minimise our eco footprint , utilise non child labour production , ethically market and distribute our goods with low harm impact on society and the environment — ie. the weapons we sell are skill based weaponry as opposed to bladed psycho collectables.

As alluded previously, with the growth in this industry, there has been a steady stream of clientelle coming through our store complaining of oversold purchases ie being sold everything but the kitchen sink….or sold boxing gloves or goods not suited for purpose or oversold the wrong item , a product far too costly for need or corrollararily a boxing glove too cheap to posess any utility. Essentially this occurs because the customer relies on the ‘perceived’ knowledge of the fit looking seller….whose only interest is to sell as much as they can to a vulnerable person.

Ray Hana’s works differently, intent on supplying fit for need products. Try, you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your training and longevity in the field of fitness, Martial Combat !

So, as a beginner you are faced with a plethora of choices to cover your hand. People screaming blue murder and professing their undying love for brands and products . The simple facts are this for anyone doing the following

– Boxing – anything with the word “boxing ” in it
– Muay thai, Kick Boxing
= Hitting any inanimate object in order to increase heart
( for other arts — happy to do one of these just comment below your preferred art )

Hand wraps.

Use Reflex wraps. We make an optimum length, fabric composition, elasticity, closure and width to give you all the support you need. Easy to master – see how to wrap on our Youtube channel < Ray Hana’s on Youtube >

We encourage the use of Reflex wraps for all boxing type activities to save wear and tear, on your body – knuckles, wrist, elbow, shoulder and more . Just wrap it.

Some complain about the wrapping, we say far better the inconvenience of daily self care than a life or bitter regret.

Quick wraps

We don’t like them, we sell them begrudgingly. A padded knuckle pad with a short wrist support. You can add words like shock tek and gel to make it look cool but the nett effect is less than properly wrapped hands. Mind you, better than nothing – though highly overrated.
Generally used by women , people who do boxfit classes.

Bag mitt.

Use Reflex bag mitts in order to hit inanimate objects like the ex husband/boyfriend, punching bags , focus mitts, pads and the like. This glove is light , sometimes used with wraps. The functionality is to focus on technique , conditioning and power.

Often people say I need 10oz or 8 oz , for my hands….this means one of the following things : a) your technique is bad and is causing you grief b) your bag is shit and is hurting you c) you have a problem and need to see a doctor . Assuming a,b and c are good then then the superfit, pre fight , fighter or person wishing to get an extra cardio burn would use the heavier glove…there is no real need.

Bag mitts , use for speed, power and conditioning.

Boxing Glove

Use this, for hitting people.

The weight refers to the physical weight of the glove. The amount of padding used. Fight weights, for boxing gloves are 8oz for light and 10 oz for heavy weights. The functionality is to prevent splits to the skin, and minimise harm. A punch from Mike Tyson in 10 oz boxing glove, hides nothing but pain.

Some Pro fighters like to use boxing gloves 8 – 16 oz for punching bags for extra workload and protect their hands from harm especially pre -fight.

As a rule, we recommend Reflex Boxing GLoves 12 oz for safe non combat sparring. 16 oz for full contact .This ensures that you are experiencing the best workout and maximum safety for your hands and body.

The choice of lace or velcro on a boxing glove , depends on whether you are in the ring or not. Ring fighters , in the ring use the lace for superior wrist support in their boxing gloves and for minimum internal splippage

Generally we recommend the Reflex Combat boxing glove which on our some of our models posess a unique double velcro closure.

If you have any questions please contact us or post your comments below we will answer in kind.