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Ray Hana’s have been making and designing dedicated MMA gloves since 1999, since UFC 1 . Until that moment people wishing to fight ‘freestlye used cumbersome boxing gloves, or light padded karate gloves.

The MMA gloves we design are made using high tensile fabrics, high impact foams from contemporary foam armouries. Thus ensuring maximum protection for your knuckle , opponents face and fully functional finger dexterities.

Ray Hana’s make the best MMA gloves because we spend time designing, testing and crafting each evolution in the process of glove making to meet current fighting needs and styles. This together with our 35 years of experience in the Martial Arts industry allows you , our valued customer the safety in knowing that you are training with the best at the best possible value and price. betfina

Each glove is made from either leather or carbon fibre. Longevity , safety and easy finger dexterity is supremely important. A further layer of comfort for you is the ‘ feel’ the unique open palm designs, ensure that you can feel your way through grappling. The low profile shape of the padding coupled with high density multilayered foams allow you maximal slippage through tight holds and chokes.

Double stitching ensures strength in high stress fights. Welted seams and edges keep glove burn and scratches to minima.

Our MMA gloves are best. Ray Hana’s experience supplying Fighters , in the ring with their fight gloves ensures what we learn in the ‘Lab’ translates well to your safety.

Ray Hana’s MMA gloves are best for all types of open ended Martial Arts, not just MMA. Krav Maga, BJJ, Freestlye sparring . دانيال الفيش Our MMA gloves allow you to grapple, hold , choke , spar , punch safelty.

Best MMA gloves , are fingerless and available in 2 primary styles – sparring and Fight. The Fight gloves are made to a lower profile and are rated to 4 oz in weight. You will note the slight taper towards the finger line from the peak at the knuckles. Thereby maximal foam is loaded to the primary punching area and then tapers away to non punching surfaces. Our unique double stitched and welted finger holes ensure your fingers are clear , and not too tight . You can manipulate each finger easily and quickly, the glove works with you.

Ray Hana’s MMA gloves are using the best wirst support technology. We believe that the wrist needs loading for support, especially during heavy sparring instances in the cage of dojo. Our best MMA glioves use a unique double Velcro fastening system. First we apply the tensioner and finally the lock ing strap that gives you best support and safety for your precious hands.

The second option is , the MMA sparring glove, rated at 9 oz. Using a softer padding over the knuckle . With thicker foam. More designed for sparring . the palm is different from the Fighters MMA glove in as much as the finger straps are thinner and more low profile. This way ensuring a cleaner and more open palm . So much better for gi grappling. بث مباشر قنوات بي اوت Together with padded thumb , and special ‘palm loc’ system, you have a glove that locks to you fist and stays there. No ‘laughing’ holes at your fist . This product locks tight toy uor hand.

Ray Hana’s make the best MMA gloves using current designs, fabrics colours and prints.

The Ray Hana’s MMA gloves features our current logo featuring the unique, in Martial Arts World ,the ambigram logo – it can be read from any direction left, right, up or down – always winning !

Reflex MMA gloves are easy to wear use and put on. They stay on and give you the best support , padding and fit you can buy. Here’s the thing – to buy the best you don’t need to spend a lot. Ray Hana’s are the makers and designers for all Relfex MMA gloves and gear so you Save big 30% , 40 % or more – buy buying direct.

Buy Best MMA Fighter gloves or Sparring gloves , in a wide selection of sizes from XXs – Large ( .