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Kick shields, kick pads, shields, kick thingies, bump pads, strike shields – known by many names….invented by Bruce Lee in the 1960s – used primarily for front kicks, round house kicks, thigh kicks, shin kicks, upper cuts, combinations and even football/rugby tackles.

The strike shield , is an indispensable piece of Martial Training equipment. Irrespective if you do traditional Japanese striking Arts – Chinese Arts – Fitness – Krav Maga or even MMA. With so many uses and functionalities – a pad that allows you to express with intent, many of the basic power strikes of the Martial experience.

A strike shield, by use and nature; is also a critical device,….if you are going to kick someone hard, really hard, you need that device to protect the ‘ kickee’ , the pad holder, and also protect the kicker. This affords the partners, in training, to progressively increase the intensities of their strikes or punches.

Ray Hana’s kick shields are built with longevity and functionality in mind.

All the ingredients, and functionalities imbedded to the Ray Hana kick shield are designed so that you can kick – super hard , with impunity and not hurt anyone. A Ray Hana kick shield – made in the Reflex or Tatsuko brand, is made, 100% in Australia , in house. We cut, we sew, we make; so you can buy the best that money can buy, to do the critical work of your training.

The fabrics we use are rip stop , but not any rip stop, a premium type. Our foams are made in Australia to maximise the longevity of the foam protection. We also include in some models, air breaking mechanisms to minimise shock to the body. الكازينو The shields are curved to mould to the body better, for safety and increased comfort. Handles are reinforced so that they do not tear.

Ray Hana’s have been making shields for over 30 years, in Australia. This means that we do not import the cheaper copies to be price point conscious. We make, rather, to be functional and utility conscious in order, to protect and serve our customers better, and for longer.

Our quality attention to detail , together with high density foams and many unique technological features , allow for long life – maximum intensity training and maximal safety for people’s fingers , thighs , shins and ribcages.
You can tell if someone is using an inferior product by; the winces on their faces when kicked, or punched. When they are shy of taking impact and therefore flinch in anticipation. When their body posture is bent and supplicant with fear. When the kick goes through , and the person is on the floor in pain…limping back to ready position. These are some cues that the product in use is inferior….it’s comical to watch.
A Reflex or Tatsuko user, holds the product to themselves. Binding themselves to the product with confidence. اسرار الروليت Standing upright and proud . Ready to withstand the shock of impact – confident in the product’s ability to protect them.

On average, Reflex premium users have less broken fingers related to the use of kick shields than Available for kids or adults[/caption]ost competitor products on the market because, of our unique and exclusive technological additions to our products , designed specifically, to minimise this common accident.

Reflex and Tatsuko kick shield users can take higher impact shots from Kyukushin style shin kicks, Muay thai shin kicks than most products on the market because of the higher grade, Australian made foams in use , and unique, exclusive air breaking technologies on selected models.

Ray- Hana’s are the makers . Therefore we can make to Club colours , corporate identities and are happy to make to order, for customers’ as they need and design.

Ray Hana’s Martial Arts Superstore are passionate about their products. We aspire to bring excellent functionality and durability to Martial Equipment. Tried and tested over 30 years every statement is true.
Martial Arts is an impact sport. عجلة الحظ حقيقية Care and diligence is always recommended. Great equipment affords you safety – BUT doesn’t preclude the use of diligence and intelligence in their use. Neglect commonsense and safety at your own peril.

Best kick shield money can buy.

Small, thick and quick shield highly nimble.

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