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Selecting an appropriate size Martial Art weapon or weighted Martial Arts weapon is important to encourage good technique, performance and safe training.

Each weapon needs to be a certain size for optimum performance.


Long staff, the Bo, is measured to a minimum of head height of the user. No more than a hand with above the head – for Japanese Martial Art styles.

For Chinese Martial Arts this can extend up to 7 or 8 feet in height. With varying weights thicknesses, tapers , points and balance. Your Art will dictate the pole you select.

For Children this will mean a 6 foot will need to be trimmed, to appropriate size. Please ask the shop assistance for fractional fitting. They will ensure the correct fitting for your needs.


Quarter staff, the Jo. Historically was sold as a 4 foot staff.

This was mainly because it was easier to stock and sell. At the time ( pre – 2010 ) it was common useage for the 4 foot to be the Jo length. There are exceptions and do please ask staff to arrange fractional fitting for your needs which will be done in situ whilst you wait.

Nontheless, a length of jo is determined by the distance from the ground to your pit of armpit. That , is the true size of a Jo staff.

Arnis stick.

Generally quoted at 70 – 85 cms . Mainly because the longer reach affords a greater range. However longer is not necessarily better. For effective performance, to deliver maximum power and minimum strain on ligaments in high torquing movements the true length of an arnis stick is the distance from armpit to wrist. Try it and see for yourself how much your strike becomes effective !


The length of a sai is determined by the distance of the “v” join at the thumb to the elbow.

We generally encourage an inch past the elbow point so as to have a spike at the end for elbow thrusts. Though we do note that some clubs now call it in to the elbow end.

Sai , is NEVER shorter than the elbow corner though.

When you are shopping at Ray-Hana’s your be safe in the knowledge that the friendly staff in store , will automatically make sure that you purchase , the appropriate gear for your needs , club and size.

at Ray Hanas, buy once, buy best.

Hope this has been of help you…if you have any questions or want more information , please do contact us via the contact page , call us 08 9328 3228 or simply post below for the answer !