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Ray Hana’s Martial Arts Australian Made punching Bags. 5yr guarantee.

One thing about Ray-Hana’s, we never got into the importing punching bag thing to be cheap.

We just want to make and supply really good punching bags.

The type, you can train with , safely – you can depend on reliably to last and do what you need the bag to do…

The kind , if you use, won’t stuff your hands , hips or legs up.

Bags, that last…. we mean father to Son, mother to daughter kind of generational lasting.

Ray Hana’s proudly manufacture punching bags in Perth, in our store , either to order or we sell from stock.

We buy the best ingredients, so you can train safetly.

You see, this story goes back over 30 years, when we first started. Back in the day, the bags in the market, were made of canvas, and lightly stitched. They were filled with sand and sometimes rocks for hardness and conditioning .

The canvas was abrasive and didn’t last as long. The filler was hard. Using the bag was painful but conditioning !

Ray got thinking that, that was a dumb idea and developed a filler designed to be soft, forgiving and yet inviting to be hit hard, often and regularly.

Punching bags are meant to be hit . Hit hard.

Punching bags, are meant to be used regularly : with impunity – NOT to be feared – or approached with trepidation .

Bags evolved into the 80s using rubber, it was cheaper and looked good but, in time, the rubber hardened and all the tough guys that bought those bags, now have hip operations, stuffed knees, fused bones and premature arthritis from all the unforgiving punching.

Ray realised that, and created a filler that would keep your hands and body safe from the ravages of momentum and impact reverberation.

Ray Hana’s makes good bags.

We use good filler, and all bags come with unlimited top up free filler to avoid those saggy heads.

We make bags to order, in colour, printed form quantitities and various shapes.

We make massive bags, fat bags, odd shaped bags, bags from photos, all types.

Our bags last.

A good bag doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs to do the job, honestly.

Ray Hana’s, we make, we sell , you save everytime, on great gear.

Talk to us for your needs, we are happy to discuss and find the right product for you – if you’re 8 years old, adult, a woman, a Club, a gym or an Army unit, we make and ship around Perth, Australia and the world.

Proudly made punching bags for all Martial Arts, combat, Boxing , MMA, we make here, in Perth, for you.

Bags in all shapes