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Ray Hana’s manufacture their punching bags in house . Actually since 1982. Ray Hana’s guarantees punching bags for 3 years. Our belief in our product is that strong . Ray Hana’s use the best fabrics that carry highest burst resistance. Carry straps with maximal tensile strength. Rings that are shatter proof . Every part of our manufactured punching bags are made with highest specifications in mind.

Being a maker we source only the best , so you can do your worst.

We make to order and shape, thickness, colour, stripe , print, width, ambiance, design or other you care to imagine. We stock a wide range of options in house and if none are suitable , sit down with us at the factory , 468 Newcastle St West perth and we will design one for your needs.

The filling even , is selected and packed to purpose so that you do not hurt your hands. Our punching bags are ergonomically designed so that the damage to the body from regular useage is minimal .

All punching bags are part of our receycling program where the wastage is kept to a minimum and recyled as much as possible. Ray Hana’s considers a social and environmental responsibility a bag part of our ethos.

Our punching bags cater to a wide range of Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Combat, Boxing, Tae kwon do , Karate Kung fu , Fitness and home gyms .

We carry a massive range of bags , 2 foot, 3 foot , 4 foot , 5 foot, 6 foot, 7 and 9 foot in varying thickness colour and combination.

For shapes of bags the array of options is equally profuse with wrecking ballsm tear drop bags, uppercut bags, thick bags, uppercuts in a thick long bag, the range is staggering.

Then the options of colours, prints and whaterbe idea you have in minf, is also totally customisable any way your corporate identity requires or your imagination.

We make 1 , or many and always have a good range of stock on hand.

Selecting a punching bag is always a challenge for most people and the knowledgeable staff are always on hand to guide you best, with your needs and perhaps selection of hanging accessories, punching bag holders, wall brackets and gloves.

We carry some unique options as well, our Ange management punching bag is perfect for kids, adults wanting to keep core fit or just a devise to quickly let off steam in a small place.

Foam filled portable bags that wrap around poles are also available for people who rent and cannot damage their properties.

A brief guide for selection

Anger management bag – children, core fitness, gym fit, areobic work out
Wrecking Ball – Boxing bag for jabs, punches, hooks and uppercuts
Tear drop – same as wrecking ball but add neck hold with knee, push kick, chopping kick , rib kick and body shots.
3 foot regualar – best for beginners and boxers
4 foot regular – best for boxers and general martial arts including karate
5 foot regualar – for marial arts , mma , combat kicking
6 foot regualr – for martial arts, weight, kick boxing , shin kicks to the thigh, kneee, ibs, foot sweeeps, elbows a total package of options.

Then we move to our thick bags that vary in width 35 cm, 45cm, 55 cm and up to 65 cm in base diameter. These are perfect for thunder shots to the body.