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Tae Kwon do V Neck style Uniform Ribbed Fabric LARGE Size


190, 200 (6 & 7 ) Light weight – Ribbed fabric – Generous cut.


V neck uniform Poly cotton Elastic trouser pants. This size range 190 and 200 cm height of wearer please write out at check out your preference.

Two height sizes in this range 190 cm and 200 cm. 3 pc set Easy to iron. Thick elastic /drawstring pant. “Full gussett – high crotch. Wtf approved. Drip dry. Tumble dry safe

3 pc set WTF approved. Light weight easy care Poly cotton fabric. FULL gussett

V neck uniform Cotton /poleyester blend Allows natural breathing comfort from the cotton and a little polyester to save you the ironing.

Easy to iron. Thick elastic /drawstring pant. Full gussett – high crotch ( no drapey fabric in the croth area ) Wtf approved. Drip dry. Tumble dry safe.

Light weight Ribbing fabric. Light weight. strong and extremely well ventilated.

Full crotch gusset , makes for super comfortable high kicks and lots of room for technically difficult leg kick combinations.

White lapel collar. Lovely hems on legs and sleeves for poom kicks and punches.

Rubber privacy strap with button tie down.

Excellent do bok

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm
Choose Size

190cm, 200cm

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