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Torsonator Free Standing Punching Bag


Tried and tested version. Zero return rate. Freestanding punching bag Torso Torsonator

Available on back-order


Realistic training partner. Detailed facial features. Adds a whole new dimension to your training. Robust and durable Height adjustable Fill base with water Spring inside Freestanding Punching punch bag Firm and soft texture. Training with the Torsonator enhances the training experience as you are clearly able to identify facial features which is perfect for targeting and praticing precise stirkes to the body and head. Ears, Nose, Eyes, Temple Lips teeth, chin and cheeks , ternum, kidney zone etc…all clearly visible for precise practice. Boxers will love head and body combinations Kick boxers for elbows, punches push kicks and more Kund Fu for throat strikes and precise pressur epoint strikes Tae Kwon do, Freestyle MMA and more.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 90 × 110 × 90 cm

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