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Kick Shield for kids MMA kick punch


Perfect shield small and light. Robust with 3 year guarantee. Made in Australia. Perfect sizes for kids as a shield. Perfect size for Adults for quick changing power routines.


kids and MMA kick punch shield
If you’re a kid, its a great size and weight. Very light – to use as a striking shield.
For adults, Muay Thai, MMA. Kyokushin, Karate – thigh kicks are sweet, a quick drop to the shin , back up to the abdomen for a push kick, tight into the torso for flying knees or mawashi’s , up high as a thai pad – man for tkd the spinning kicks – and its thick as well so there’s no pain – no bruising .
Made in Australia too, so we make it tough – real tough 3 year guarantee on this, it’s that good .
New excting and original the DH Quick shield is an invaluable item of training kit for your armoury.

Perfect sizing for children under the ages of 13.

Perfect for MMA and Muay thai – fast intense exchanges are welcomed here !

High quality kick bag rises above the market for quality usefulness shock absorption functionality and strength. Simply the best that you can buy in this product category at this price.
fully made in Australia by us`

Amazing product is very strong and impact absorbing. Its small size and easy handles allow for quick positonal changes . Its small size is perfect for developing accuracy and easy lightweight for children to hold

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm

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