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This package: 2 sensors, 1 wireless receiver.

Multiple software packages – power, competition, class – multiple simultaneous users, reflex/power , random sequencer

Free postage in Australia.

In store now – ships same day.

This incredible device will change the way training will be done from now on.

Simple plug and use device is simple to use, robust and informative on the amount of power you generate in a technique , the reaction time and the number of hits is a set or unlimited time.

Totally wireless, portable and all software on line – ready to go.

1. Measure your power

2. Callibrate your technique to improving power output

3. Measure your reaction to time strike 1 – 9 sensor pads

4 Measure power and time for 1 – 8 sensors pads

5. Teach chilkdren and students the benefits of better technique in real time feedback

6 Mulitple users , real time feedback – measurements at the same time

7 Hit counter in interval time or open time

8 Power and hit counter , measure hits and the maximum and average power overall.

9. Competition mode for multiple users ( up to 300 )

10 Up to 9 people can use at the same time

11 Works at a distance so can use to score punches and kicks on body armour

12 Use for Martial Arts MMA Boxing Baseball Security, Target practice, physio therapy – the list in endless

Call 08 9328 3228 to book your demonstration appointment and see th product in action or ask for a sales person to visit your school for live demonstration in the school

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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