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Ankle Supports Fighters Neoprene


Thick neoprene ankle supports hold firm Give stable consistent and long life support Thick neoprene provides cushioning to high impact Comfort velour lining for extra special comfort.


Hard to get . Thick neoprene fighters’ ankle supports sold by the pair Provides stable long life support to the ankle The thick neoprene fabric is warm and padded ideal ofor fights thai pads shields shins bags and pads. Glued overlocked and stitched This hardy perennial has been sold by us for over 15 years. Top quality top results. People who bought these straps keep coming back for more.. Unsurpassed quality and functionality. If you fight train hard or regularly – you’d be nuts NOT to buy one of these pairs. You will be happy !

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

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