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Judo Ju Jitsu Throwing Crash Landing Mat Low profile Parkour


unique Crash made by Ray Hanas designed to perfectly and easily slot into regular mat spaces and be used for takedowns shoots sprawls and trust building.

Do ask if you want larger dimensions, we make to order.

Do bear in mind this product is made to last a long time


Locally made crash mat. 2m x 1m x 15 cm.

Very strong and low profile using soft but high density, local made foam.

This means that our mats easily slot into any dojo for ease of use.

Notice the 2 tone combination – to break up classes according to colour .

Low profile to minimise tripping and dislocated knees and ankles.

High density to take a good fall.

Excellent addition to any home gym or dojo to teach break falling , take downs , grappling and trust building excersises.

Additional information

Weight 736 kg
Dimensions 210 × 110 × 160 cm

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