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4 Foot 126 cm x 50 cm 70 kg Phatt Boxing Bag


Heavy Boxers punching bag 126 cm by 50 cm about 70 kg of heavy hitting goodness. 3 Year guarantee.

Special filler – that’s kind on your hand and shoulders.


Appx 126 cm x 50 cm dia. Weighs about 70 kg.

Made by us in Perth. Ther are no shortcuts here. The fabric is heavy and thick rip stop . The strapping is beast. The rings are on the money. Stitching everything. When we made this bag – we had a boxer who hit hard often and regularly.

It is made for hard yards of training.

This bag is beautiful , well proportioned – soft but heavy. Chunky meaty and just ripper to slap hooks into the side.

We special pack to minimise shock to the body.

Made in Australia. Made to Last. 3 Year Guarantee. 100 % beast bag for the best trainining in you

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 126 × 50 × 50 cm

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