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The first question anyone ever asks when buying the mat is how much ?

Mats , tatamis , crash mats, are sold in many different thicknesses , densities, sizes and ‘qualities’

When thinking about buying mats, it is important to consider what you are buying and why.

Price is not the only indicator. Mat prices can vary considerably between suppliers.

Now, the interesting reason why mat prices can vary lies not only in the ‘quality’ of the surface but also thickness, density, size , EVA recipies. So, when you are are getting quotes, you have to understand that not all the mats are the same. Some suppliers sell mats 700 mm x 700 x thickness, others 1000 x 1000 mm x thickness . Some mats are sold as 20 mm but have tolerances of +/- 3 mm. Other mats are the same thicknesses but the recipies fo the EVA will vary according to the density and so it goes.

Ray – Hana’s started selling mats in 1993, indeed one of the very first Sellers of Mats in Australia and certainly in WA. Back in those days using mats was considered as sacrilege . Today, with safety in mind and current emphasis towards falling, throwing a floor without matting is a rarity.

Ray Hana’s has a long track record of selling mats to all types of institutions and organisations. We sell good mats, fit for purpose and will guide you failry through the maze of choices on offer – thicknesses, colours, types, patterns, densities and supply a great product fit for purpose . We offer you mats for your needs, not merely to be the cheapest in town – that behaviour does no one any good.

It’s horrible to witness terrible mat sin use – mats too thin so that when the student performs a kick the mat moves from under because its too thin to have any body. Or you see Ju jitsu performed on surfaces so soft that if you were to fall badly your knee would go straight through to the floor.

Mats are the surface you have to rely upon. When all else fails and you are heading face first – you need that protection and security to know that as you face plant, that floor will have a good attempt to keep you safe. There are no guarantees in life however, Martial activities are by nature dangerous and so you would logically want to mitigate your opportunities to do harm to yourself.

When considering to purchase your mats, come and see the range on offer, discuss your needs and the friendly staff at Ray Hana’s , with experience of 20 years plus will offer you the best products for your needs- for home, dojo, gym, cage, Olympic event, Police , Security – whatever, we sold it, can get it or have it.

When buying mats, buy best, buy once, buy at Ray Hanas.

Happy Training.


1000mm x 1000mm x thickness