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In 1982, Ray Hana saw that people could not get the types and range of Martial Arts Tae Kwon do uniforms.  The quality, range and sizes, at the time were sparse and disrupted.   At the time people had to compromise and buy only what was available.  Each Martial Arts, or variant in Tae Kwondo;  WTF, ITF, Moo Duk Kwan, Hwa Rang do , Kum do , etc… had their own requirements.

Ray was amazed at the lack of quality and product in the market at the time and set out to develop a range of selected goods that fit well and did the job well. The products were are well priced and sourced from ethical suppliers .  Ray Hana’s has a great emphasis to ensure that the products you buy, do the job, and do it well ! – at the best possible prices.

Choosing the correct Tae Kwon do uniform, or do box is about many things, fit, fabric, shape, range of sizes, variants for each art and variants within each style. Black belts , have a type of uniform that is different to junior belts. The different Korean Arts have different types of uniforms, V-neck, zippered fronts, Velcro fronts, Diamond  patterns, Spun hemp, Keikogi and more.

Ray Hanas  stock and manufacture WTF Tae kwondo uniforms.  Nowadays, we make them with the full gusset, elastic waist and cord tie included. The fabrics of course, is the light weight ribbed fabric we introduced back during the Olympics in Seoul.

Super light, ventilated and yet strong.  Our WTF Taekwondo uniforms are V-neck style and are available with black collar or even upon request for junior ( half red /half black ) .

An elastic waist tie is included in the ensemble. We affix the waist tie at one side and you button it at the other . The reason for this curious attachment is so that the back flap does not come away and leaves you training, and sweating in the greatest comfort.

The hems and cuffs on the sleeves and pants are generous and multi lined with stitching.  This way affording you a clean snap of technique, by virtue of punch or kick.   The thicker multi lined hems looks so much neater and professional in appearance.

RayHana’s also make, in store Taekwondo uniforms. We make to order for people who sit outside the size range. We make taekwondo uniforms for demonstration teams, instructors or specialist schools. Ray Hanas print and embroider tae kwondo uniforms on the site . This way you will purchase the best suit for your needs or club.

For ITF taekwondo uniforms , we manufacture the same V-neck uniforms with a split in the centre. You join the split at the centre of the V with a zipper or in more recent ones a velcrose strip. All ITF printing and embroidered badges are included.

For Hapkido, tae kwondo uniforms…if  we might be allowed to agglomerate Hapkido as taekwon do ….Ray Hanas manufacre and supply the suits, in the colours of your choice together with the diamond pattern of your choice.

Ray Hanas, manufacture and import the best for tae kwon do .

For  you, our valueable client, it is also important to know,  Ray Hana’s select the best suppliers who pay attention to the ethical nature of operations.   Ray Hanas try as much as possible to recycle and keep unnecessary packaging to an absolute minima.

Ray Hana’s delivers you , our valued client as much content packed into your product.

Ray Hana’s has a simple ethos, make it well . Make it fairly.  Use a minimum of  Earth’s resources, Recycle and be reasonable with pricing.

Ray Hana’s manufacture and stock a wide range of tae kwondo uniforms s for any or most needs.

Ray Hana’s bulk buying power and experience in Martial Arts Supplies will ensure you buy the best at the most reasonable price.  We offer a range of payment options, laybuy, credit card, trade ins or even Finance is offered for refurbishments and large orders. We trade internationally and ship anywhere accepting most local and major currencies.

If we do not have the product, we will be happy to order it in for you.

Any questions should be directed to the writer at or visit us on  We make it, we import it, we custom it – so you Save big on Your martial Arts Supplies.