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Ray Hanas, make buying your Martial Arts mats easy. Generally we stock  a wide range of colors , thicknesses, shapes , designs and types of mats.  If you have a massive order, or specific color or specific product we will procure it for you, the best version for you.

Ray Hana’s has been making, ( that’s right, we make mats as well , in our store in Perth ! ) since 1982. We are a source supplier for all your needs in floor coverings – we make it, import it and sell it  DIRECT, to You.  The advantages means that you are able to draw from our 35 years + experience in Martial Arts Supplies to obtain the best product for your needs.

Purchasing your Martial Mat for Dojo, home or gym is a decision fraught with many variables. Not least is the cost.  Many people focus solely on the cost of purchase this is the wrong way to approach the decision.

You see, each person, Martial Art has a need to train safely on a floor. To land, fall , throw , bounce kick , punch, grapple and stretch. Each art has a specific need. If you do Judo , BJJ, Tae Kwondo, Karate, your needs will be different. Whether you are home user , dojo or Super max Dojo your needs are different for each Martial Art mat.

Ray Hanas experience in making Martial Arts mats or distributing them to many clubs and homes over the years builds up a resource of knowledge upon which you may rely.

Ray Hanas manufactures Martial Arts Mats for crash landing, in store – we make any size, thickness or colour. If your needs are for Nage Kome ( Judo throwing ) , shooting ( in BJJ ) , falling whilst tricking, or even boundering – Ray Hana’s makes all these type of crash mats. We use the best fabrics and threads to ensure, your product will serve you well for a long time to come.

For Arts such as Judo, BJJ, MMA, Traditional needs of Tatami mats. Ray Hanas supply Rebounded Tatami mats made from highest grade foams, fabrics and laminated glues. It is not a case of just buying a Martial Art mat, in this case , Tatami – you have to bear in mind the precise construction required to cut precisely 90 degree corners. To have thicknesses of +/- 2mm or less. TO have precisely laminated surfaces to prevent bubbling. That the anti skid base does, actually work . Finally when you place down your surface, it all locks together neatly for a long time of 15 – 20 years, that’s how me make our products, to last.

For the Jigsaw Martial Arts mats,  there are many colors to choose from – white, black, red, blue, perhaps yellow , green or even a specified color, we can make it. Branding opportunities also exist. There are different thicknesses, we like to have a minimum thickness of 25 mm. For heavy throwing we like 40 mm. Through 15, 20 and 50 mm are available if you want them.  We believe, that 25 mm mat is the least size we are happy to sell , for your own personal safety.  Each mat is 1000 mm x 1000 mm and is supplied with 4 corners and 4 edges.

Our surface, in the jigsaw martial arts mats are specifically designed to be No abrasive so, if your face gets planted into the mat it will not tear the skin . Thus this little detail prevents mat burn. There is enough grip moreover,  to render the mat with enough tack for take offs and  dynamic movements around the mat surface.

Ray Hana Martial Arts mats, are offered with quality and safety in mind, truly. Safety and good use is a preeminent consideration when offering any Ray Hana’s product.  Any product we offer, has to pass our stringent 10 point quality test. Thereby ensuring that what you purchase from us will do the job for which it is intended, last a long time and be problem free.

Consequently, the rubbers , or eva foams we use are of the highest quality formulations and densities. That is to say it is pointless purchasing a 40 mm mat for throwing, because it is cheap but if your elbow falls through the foam and smashes into the concrete where’s the point of buying the mats in the first place ? – to save a few pennies ? When you land on a Ray Hana martial Arts Mat : Jigsaw , Tatami,  Nage komi or Crash mat – there will be an appropriate thickness, density and construction.

Anecdotally,  Ray Hana mats, join smoothly creating a glassy surface of evenness. Perfect surface upon which, to train your Martial Arts .

Ray Hana’s bulk buying power and experience in Martial Arts Supplies will ensure you buy the best at the most reasonable price.  We offer a range of payment options, credit card, trade ins or even Finance is offered for refurbishments.


Any questions should be directed to the writer at or visit us on  We make it, we import it, we custom it – so you Save big on Your martial Arts Supplies.