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Cushioning impact from punching and minimising harm to the other child.

Empower your child, through fitness and martial arts training.

Kid’s Boxing gloves fit children’s hands from 5 years and up.  Made from high quality shock absorbing foams gels and shaped padding. Using the latest Carbon fibre technologies. Kid’s Boxing gloves are sized just right for your child. Ensuring a true, comfortable fit for your child.

We recommend supervised training at home with Dad, Mum or at the Dojo.  Perhaps pairing your purchase with one of Ray Hana’s Anger management bags or Kid specific punching bags is a great way to maximize your child’s safety.

Children with excess energy, animus or anger will benefit greatly from sparring with one of our Kid’s punching Bags, Anger Management Bags, Focus Mitt, or Kick shields.  Training in the Dojo, with Sensei/ Coaches supervision ensures proper technique and safe training atmosphere together with other Kids and children.

Children’s bodies are forming at young ages below 19 years of age. Kid’s muscles and bones are very sensitive to deforming impacts from heavy bags, falls unprotected sparring. The need for Kid specific boxing gloves ensures your child’s hands and body are kept as safe as possible in their chosen activity.

If your child has chosen the Boxing, Freestyle, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kung Fu and wants to train in it, we recommend Ray Hana’s Kid’s boxing Gloves to keep them safe and training for a long time.  Build long term good fitness training habits from now and ensure a healthy happy long term habit of disciplined training.

Using the appropriate protective equipment – Kid’s boxing gloves, shin guards, head guards, groin guards and training equipment. مضمار الخيل Made to the highest standards by Ray Hana’s assists to ensure the best opportunity for this to occur.

Kid’s boxing gloves are essential for Children wanting to spar at the dojo or simply training on equipment. Kid’s Boxing gloves are a beneficial piece of equipment which should be worn by all kids who training Martial Arts MMA kick boxing of Western Boxing as a hobby, Club competitions, with friends in the back yard or for school. مجموعة اليورو 2022

Sparring, training and rough housing, in a safe space is fantastic for Kids of either gender.  The psychological benefits of Kids and Children sparring with parents, Dads or Mothers are immense. Develop self confidence, anger management, self esteems, communication, trust and solid bonding.  The family that fights and trains together stays together.

Bullying at school or the playground is an issue that all parents wrestle with.  The playground is a microcosm of the adult world.  These early formative years are a great opportunity to encourage safe training habits. Managing difficult circumstances and imbibing children with Self confidence to take them on, further in life.  The bullies in the playground are no different to the bullies in the work place.

Simple training at home using Ray Hana’s Kid’s Boxing gloves gives parents the chance to supervise guide and teach their children how to manage their emotions. De-escalate confronting circumstances, deal with stress and manage difficult circumstances.

Kid’s Boxing gloves, Kids Boxing bags, Focus mitts, anger management bags, all assist to ensure your child is kept safe during training at home or in the dojo.

Choosing the right Kid’s Boxing Glove or Children’s Martial Arts training pieces of equipment becomes and important decision to make.  Ill fitting gloves and gear badly formed and padded protection, unsupervised training on inappropriate training equipment enables a high probability of injuries to occur.

Minimise injury time with the right gear. yyy online 5   The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Ray Hanas, will gladly assist, fit and direct you and your child with all the right gear. For comfort and fit. Being a direct supplier and maker, you will buy the best at the best possible prices.  Ray Hanas can help you choose the best fit for your kid or you can directly buy them on our store online here (……).

Ray Hana’s make and stock a wide range of  Kids Boxing gloves, starting at 2ozs, increasing to 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz and upwards. We make sure the size and fit will be correct for your child. Suggesting where necessary appropriate supports, pads for best safety and training outcomes.