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Train and Spar Safetly with Internationally sanctioned sparring Gear. Minimise injury train for longer – better.


If you are planning to purchase some karate sparring gear then you must  ensure you are buying the right Karate sparring gear for the correct Style , Association and level of impact.


Karate sparring gear, is used protect the individual and in the rare instance of contact, the other person safe from harm . This way you are able to train in a safe , purposeful and competent manner.


Ray Hana’s always encourage training for the long term. Make Martial Arts a part of your life. You will reap immense benefits from gaining fitness, confidence , new skills, new friends, peers and experiences. Selecting the correct Karate training gear and equipment is then, essential to keep you safe and out of injury’s way.

Purchasing the wrong fiting Karate Sparring gear or  product can cause as much damage as not wearing Karate Sparring Gear.  Furthermore, it is important to ensure you buy the right gear, for the right association. There are a plethora of over arching Gorverning Bodies controlling various aspects of sparring.  Each Governing body has its own approach and set of rules that dictate which product is requied for each specific level and age of sparring.  Buying the wrong gear becomes just that, a waste of money .


The helpful  , friendly staff at Ray Hana’s will guide you to the most suitable products for those seeking to purchase Karate Sparring Gear.  Keeep your body safe, and your sparring buddy safe from harm , staying legal. Are all importat considerations when purchasing Karate Sparring gear and equipment.


Some sparring is light, and the purpose of the gear is incidental to maximize space rather than cushion.  Other sparring gear is designed to cushion. There are colour considerations for competition. Gender protection for sensitive target zones. Women have specific protective products to accommodate unique their unique shapoes and needs.  Children’s sizing is available as well.


Ray Hana’s stock and carry the full range of Karate sparring Gear –whether to belong to the WKF , or non WKF governing bodies, Ray Hana’s have the right products for Your Association, Style, Club , Age and Gender.


Ray Hana’s will ensure that you comply with Your association requirements and thereby being legal and  safe according to the rules and regulations of your Tournament.


Karate Sparring Gear covers a wide range of products : for all limbs, appendages, corners , crevices . Face , Head , groin and mouth.  Competitors fighting at tournaments are trequired to conform to the governing regulations of the Ruling Body and Tournament conveners. Ray Hana’s extensive experience in Martial Arts Supplies will ensure you are compliant. Where necessary researching to ensure the correct items are fitted and supplied.


Keep safe, train for a long time, enjoy, have fun just ask the friendly staff at Ray Hana’s and they will direct you to all the right Karate Sparring Gear – whether you need portions of a set , full sets or dozen’s of sets, Ray Hana’s , Supply all Karate, the Best Karate sparring Gear, all the time !