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Ray Hana’s make embroidered black belts. We embroider black belts for all Martial Arts, Occasions and needs.

Whatever your needs in embroidered black belts are, Ray Hana’s do it – be it 1 belt, or hundreds. In any language, colour, configuration and style.

A belt, like your grading, is about quality, content, genuineness, style, meaning and price.

When making a black belt at Ray Hana’s all matters are considered, and the appropriate outcome and product is decided in consultation with the client. We are the makers and we make whatever you can imagine.

It starts of course !, with the wording – the content and frame of words is important, to you , to the organisation you belong to and in the great Martial Arts Community. Ray Hana’s have a history of making 1000s of belts and we make sure that the belt we produce conforms to these needs.

Translation and artwork, if required , is done professionally. So there are no smirks, or giggles in the line up for incorrect word usage, syntax or cultural errors.

The set up and aesthetic balance of the belt is important.

Locations of embroidery – how many faces ? Where, exactly, on the belt ? We do this .

Do you want a cheap out come ? or do you want a traditional outcome? Did you want blind sided embroidery ? or do you prefer mirror image style embroidery or perhaps just keep it simple ?

Getting the belt right, first time is really important – those spelling mistakes, on the day bite – we take the time to ensure that all details are correct for the big day.

So when , you stand in line, you stand irreproachable, true , confident and take you place amongst your peers at the black belt line up.

Ray Hana’s, we make, we sell, You save, always on great gear, always , every time.