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Ray Hana’s make and embroider black belts. romantische dates aus fribourg Whatever the language or design, we make it. Ray Hana’s has over 30 years of experience, making black belts with embroidery for all cultures – Japanese, English, Korean, Burmese, Hebrew and more, no doubt to come. treffs obwalden We have a team of translators that are educated and professional – so you may rely on the quality and veracity of the translations. rapperswil flirtschule This is a basic and important step to ensure that the font and writing is visually correct, grammatically correct and indeed , culturally correct.

The translation and set up is important – so that is saves on embarrassing and awkward moments, down the track.

We offer a number of embroidery options – we punch through the belt or ,we embroider the belt leaving no trace of embroidery on the obverse side or we embroider all faces of the belt and sometimes even the middle of the belt (invisible to the eye ) or smack in the middle of the back.

There are many thread choices – we offer all thread colours and happy to suggest choices reflecting culturally sensitive selections.

Designs of all belts vary accoring to cultural provenance , style and aesthtic. Ray Hana’s will guide you , drawing from production history of several thouds of belts.

Come to us with your idea and we can design and make a belt you will be proud and secure to wear in public.

We do the belt right, first time.